Dear Leodini,

I like performing the 21-Card Trick, because it is easy to do. My only complaint is that every time I do it, people yawn and then go to sleep.

How can I make the 21-Card Trick more entertaining?




Hi Mr. Tricky,

The 21-Card Trick has intrinsic hypnotic quality. When performed, it puts people to sleep.

Urban legend has it that David Copperfield once contemplated doing the 21-Card Trick on one of his TV specials. He ditched the plan after he put the cameramen in deep slumber during one of the rehearsals.

I don’t know if this Urban Legend is true. Urban Legends are supposed to be difficult to validate even when the characters involved disavow it. If it is easy to prove, it wouldn’t be Urban Legend.

That the 21- Card Trick bores spectators has nothing to do with your performing skill. It’s just the nature of the beast.

Cats have nine lives, not 21, for a reason. Nine is intriguing, 21 is boring.

In most countries, 21 is the age of majority. When a human being reaches the age of majority, he is no longer as cute and lovable as a 7-year-old kid, or as gorgeous as an 18-year old chick. A girl may be blonde at 18, but she can be bland at 21.

Twenty-one just doesn’t cut it as a number or as a card trick. It’s boring and flat either way.

The only way to make the 21-Card Trick entertaining is to do away with the 20 cards and perform the trick with just one.

Stay magical,


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