Advice from a thief

One of life’s greatest bad ideas is for businessmen and bankers to be mouthing a business principle invented by a bank robber. When asked why he robbed banks, notorious thief Willie Sutton replied, “Because that’s where the money is.”

Today, bank and company executives bring their business to parts of the world “where the money is”, in accordance to the business principle first spelled out by a notorious thief.

Let me expand that principle a bit through this advice: Go where the action is. Go where the best deals are. Go where you are allowed best to grow as artist. If you have the talent, vision, youth, stamina for hard work, and commitment to attain your potentials… follow your dream wherever it leads you—-even if it leads you abroad

Forget patriotism. It won’t win wars for you in your workaday life. You’ll be patriotic once you hit it big. You can help the country in more significant ways if you already have a name, a reputation and oodles of money to wave in front of people’s face.

Italian born Slydini went to Argentina and then proceeded to New York to find his place under the sun (that’s where the money was, he thought). Dai Vernon left New York to go to the Magic Castle to become its most notable resident magician (that’s where the action was). Michael Ammar left his rural origin to follow Vernon to the Magic Castle (that’s where the fountain of knowledge was), and so did other disciples like Bruce Cervon, and a few others.

Of course, I don’t mean that the Mecca of magic is necessarily located in the US. Other artists looked eastward to find happiness and contentment, as Doug Henning and Beatle George Harrison did many years ago. Whether they found what they sought is beside the point. The point is that they were stouthearted enough to follow their dreams.

Are Filipino magicians as stouthearted as the artists I offered as examples above? Are we made of stern or sissy stuff?

I’ll leave you that to answer individually. Mine is this: give me money, youth, and talent, and I’ll try my luck somewhere else.

Pardon this run-on treatise, but to answer the nagging question—what are the Filipino magician’s strengths and weaknesses? —here is my answer:

Dear readers, the Filipino magician’s greatest strength is his native talent. His greatest weakness is his predisposition to sentimentality.

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