Dear Leodini,

For three days, I’ve been practicing hard to perfect my Invisible Pass. It’s truly invisible because I can’t see it when I do it in front of a mirror, especially when I address my imagined audience.

Yesterday, I tried my Invisible Pass three times on a 7-year old boy, and he caught me each time.

Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong?


Amazing the Great


Dear Amazing,

I suspect the 7-year-old boy is half human. He is a descendant of a mythical one-eyed giant called Cyclops who married a flesh-and-blood two-eyed woman.

For that matter, the boy has three eyes. One eye he used to watch your hands. Another he used to watch your fingers. And another he used to watch your fingernails.

That’s how he caught your Invisible Pass.

I suggest you learn the Leodini Pass instead. It is easy to learn. The moves involve sticking your tongue out, winking at your spectator and holding her hand.

A word of caution. Do the Leodini Pass to beautiful girls only, not to playing cards. And be careful not to do it to married women. Husbands dislike the Leodini Pass so much. They are famous for punching amorous magicians in the nose when they catch them making the Leodini Pass at their wives.


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