The world is the center stage

Let me continue by answering the nagging question, “Is it beneficial for local talents to go abroad and find greener pastures?”

I hold a contrary view from others who suggest that Filipinos who leave the Philippines to work abroad are less patriotic than those who stay and mind the country.

Curiosly, Ben Chavez is cited as an example to prove the point. What exactly is the point is the point I’d like to point to you that I don’t get the point.

After some serious research, I failed to find any online, let alone definitive, references to establish the bandied-about Filipino citizenship of Ben Chavez, the founder of the famous Chavez School of Magic. Maybe I have not looked far enough, but for the sake of this discussion, I’ll grant that he is Filipino, or at least was descended from a Filipino ancestry.

That will then prove my point in yesterday’s post that a number of Filipinos had left the country to try their luck abroad and found success there.

I doubt if the Chavez School of Magic, founded in 1941 with wife Marian, would meet as much success as it had were it located in Manila. I also doubt it would attract students like Norm Nielsen, Don Alan and Channing Pollock had the school opened in the Philippines instead of in the USA.

Similarly, Leah Salonga would have not gained international acclaim had she not gone to London and played the lead role in the award-winning and commercially successful stage play Miss Saigon.

Manny Pacquiao would have not attained fortune and glory had he not gone to box in international fights.

We have superb basketball players in the PBA, but as long as they insist on playing only among themselves (instead of competing in international tournaments), they will not gain world-class status—-even if they played daily and non-stop until the second coming of Christ.

There’s no shame in leaving the country to conquer the world, unlike what the so-called nationalistic-minded, politically correct commentators suggest. (The spectacle of nationalists snarling at local talents seeking greener pastures abroad is not limited to the magic industry. You should hear how bad the snarling is at doctors, nurses and IT people.)

There is no disgrace in allowing creativity to flourish in hospitable environments like in foreign countries. Talent is like a seed that, after being sowed, pushes mightily its way out of the ground to breathe the air under the sky.

What is shameful is to allow this seed to wither and die unfulfilled in infertile soil.

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