Over the last several months, we have kept under wraps the details of Magic ‘To (The Next Level) program. I believe this strategy is reverse-psychology marketing or inverted publicity. Our purpose is, of course, to create curiosity in the show.

So we have saved the good, the better and the best parts of the show for later announcements. Now we are ready to give you a few details.

Regine Tolentino, the Dance Diva, will perform in the show. Guest magicians, two from Asia and one from Europe, will regale and amaze local magic fans with their own brand of magic.

Keep coming back to this blog for more information about our guests. We will not only give you their personal information but also hint what they are going to perform. The latter will be in violation of an old magic axiom that counsels against telling the audience in advance what one is going to do. We will break the rule to tease and please you.

In the two-hour program, we will show some classics of magic and several new illusions that have never been performed before in the Philippines.

So we are actually are as excited as the fans and friends from the magic community for this upcoming program.

Here are some ways to get hold of a ticket. Where to buy tickets?



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