After the shoot, several cups of coke, generous helpings of spaghetti and pizza, we started the tedious work of translating the concept into a finished art work.

That took several hours to do. But it was fun, even though we called it a day at almost three o’clock in the morning.

It was fun watching the concept take shape through the digital magic and manipulation of Justin. Chairman Emeritus Boy Alviz was gushing for three hours, admiring the poster as it went through several stages of development. Since we knew exactly what we set out to accomplish, Justin finished the poster in only about five hours, a record of sorts, I guess.


IMC’s creative group watching Justin build continuity with the original Magic ‘To poster.


The poster takes shape on the laptop’s screen, thrilling us to no end.


Mission accomplished, Justin lets out a huge smile.


The creative group admiring Magic ‘To’s newly finished poster.

Stay magical everyone,


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