The concept of the Magic ‘To poster came in a flash of inspiration while I was playing tennis.

For months, IMC officers pored over several draft posters but failed to agree on one.

I love the one submitted by Lei of TSC (The Story Circle) and by IMC’s own in-house computer artist, Justin Haber. But while their designs had the mysterious look we were looking for, they did not capture the spirit of the original Magic ‘To poster. We were looking for continuity of concept, and we could not find it in the drafts submitted so far.

Still, our heartfelt gratitude to those who helped us create the poster by suggesting to us their designs, particularly to Lei and Justin.

Then last week, while I was chasing lobs in the neighborhood tennis court, inspiration came in a proverbial flash. The inspired design came complete, etched on my mind so vividly I knew exactly how it would look in the final art work.

I sketched the poster in last Wednesday’s rehearsal and showed it to IMC senior member and photographer Boy Samson. I also explained the design to Justin who was going to execute the layout.

Boy Samson, winner of several photo contests over the years, set the shoot day. He immediately went to work by enlisting one of the IMC girls to pose for the poster. Despite her office schedule, Dannalyn Pricones agreed to come to the photo session and to brave Edsa’s horrendous traffic on a Friday evening. Boy Samson had done a great job of sweet-talking her into modeling for the poster with nary a whimper of protest from her boyfriend Michael Fernando.

When I arrived at Boy Alviz’s dungeon for last Friday’s shoot, the levitation illusion was already installed with a makeshift backdrop behind it. Alex, who built and improved the illusion, was also there, excited to see his creation in action.

Chairman Cris Castro and Chairman Emeritus Boy Alviz also participated in the shoot. A relaxed Boy Samson in his working clothes was making last-minute tuning up of his camera while waiting for Danna and Michael to get unstuck from Edsa’s traffic jam.

At last when Danna arrived, the shoot started immediately. After changing to a suitable red dress, she positioned herself on the levitation illusion with the help of Alex.

The levitation hummed softly. There was not need for loud music to drown the negligible whirring sound. The levitation’s silent action is one of its improvements.

In building the illusion, Alex also positioned the controls on the spots where they should be, so levitating the lady and getting her down was a no-brainer task. The performer can then concentrate on his presentation.

The greatest improvement to the illusion, though, is its thin but super-strong gimmick. It’s so thin that Danna was able to wear a short dress without flashing anything.

In actual performance, the levitation will last only for a minute. That night of the shoot, however, Danna had to stay on the illusion for nearly 30 minutes, as Boy Samson wanted to get the right shot. Plus the rest of us boys queued up to have our own pictures taken with Danna while she hung in mid-air.

turbine 062.JPG

IMC artist Justin Haber tries his power of levitation on Danna while Alex looks on proudly.

Stay magical everyone,


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