Mark the calendar, people. September 8, Magic ‘To (The Next Level) will open at Philamlife Theater at 8 PM.

We call the show the “next level”, because it will outdo the creative concept, direction and execution of the original Magic ‘To, even though the public hailed the original as the best locally produced magic show so far.

We have kept the concept of our forthcoming show under wraps, the new, never-performed illusions that we will show, to whet everybody’s interest.

We are also keeping mum on our guest foreign performer.

Of course, we will also include some classics of magic, comedy, skits, music and choreography, all tastefully done as all theatrical performances should be. We are aiming to set the standards and precedents in this form of performances in the Philippines.

But I think, at this hour, it is fair to give you a glimpse of what the program has in store for you…

Some of the highlights include danger tricks, mentalism from the beach, levitation, human transposition, comedy magic, new-and-never-been-shown props galore and a challenging vanish of half-a-dozen girls as the finale number.

The show is not party magic, not mall magic, not beach magic, not street magic. Rather, it is theatrical magic with lots of drama, action, music and movement.

Hey, just thinking of the showpieces thrills me already. You should be also.

Keep coming back to this blog for the next bulletin.