I was rummaging though my old files of The Wizard’s Journal (IMC’s quarterly newsletter in the ’90’s) when I found a gem of an article written by Doc Ronnie Moraleta.

It’s titled The Magician’s Code of Ethics. It’s a long article, so let me cut to the chase and serve you straight away the gist of his write-up.

In Doc Moraleta’s words: Here’s [Inner Magic Club’s] Code of Ethics for you to study slowly, understand, digest and, I hope, uphold and live by:

  1. Never reveal magic secrets to the general public (e.g., setting up your equipment in front of laymen, giving a bad performance that results in exposure of the trick, explaining to non-magicians the secret workings of a magical act on TV, stage, etc.).
  2. Copying is definitely a grievous offense in IMC. No one is allowed to use another magician’s stage name or copy his act. Members should refrain from copying a trick from their fellow members. Try to develop your own style.
  3. Never criticize your fellow magicians in promoting yourself.
  4. If a member does not want to reveal his secrets, respect his decision. You must understand that he might have been working for years on that trick or he might have bought the trick for a very large sum and is not willing to give the secret at the moment.
  5. Members should behave professionally by accepting bookings on a first-come-first-served basis, by keeping the show wholesome, by avoiding to embarrass anyone in the audience, by refraining from doing tricks with dangerous items in front of children.

Doc’s Code of Ethics is by no means complete. He wrote it more than a decade ago (when IMC was still Magic Circle of the Philippines) to address the ethical issues of that time. Since then, the world of magic has evolved and still continues to evolve. I see the need to update our Code of Ethics now and then.

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