I’m glad that this blog now reaches many magicians in the provinces. Technology is helping Inner Magic Club spread the gospel of magic.

One common inquiry I have been receiving lately is how to apply for IMC membership. Another is, whether a process is in place allowing magicians in the provinces to become IMC members.

Regarding the first question, here are, in a nutshell, the guidelines for applying for membership in Inner Magic Club.

We accept professional magicians, hobbyists, enthusiasts and anybody interested in the art of magic.

He or she must be at least 15 years old to qualify for regular membership. Applicants below 15 will be accepted in the IMC Junior Category.

The applicant’s level of proficiency is not a requirement. Beginners, intermediate and advanced magic practitioners can apply under the same set of requirements.

Inner Magic Club, however, has set a high standard of acceptance for new members. IMC is known to have the most stringent requirements in the Philippines. Many applicants with less resolve have failed the initiation process.

Here are the membership requirements:

An applicant must attend 10 consecutive weekly meetings (we meet every Wednesday). If he or she misses one meeting, the applicant shall repeat his initiation all over again starting from week one.

On the third and sixth weeks of his initiation, the applicant shall perform in front of the general membership. After the performance, the members will critique the applicant’s show.

On the 10th week, the applicant will perform his “graduation show”, which should feature his best routines and acts.

The officers will then decide whether to accept or reject the applicant based on his performances over the 10 weeks, his attitude, the intensity of his interest to join the Club, how well he/she assimilates with the other members, and overall character.

Newly accepted members will pay P2,400 membership dues for the first year, and P1,200 the succeeding years.

Because of the 10-week-consecutive requirements many aspirants who have day jobs are unable to comply. Likewise, applicants from the provinces find this requirement impossible to meet.

The IMC Board, however, is now drawing up policies to accept members from the provinces under a different set of requirements. The initiation process will be conducted online.

Please come back often for future announcements regarding our online application for membership.

By the way, for magicians in Metro Manila and suburbs intending to apply for membership, IMC meets every Wednesday at Pepeton’s Grill and Restaurant, corner Mother Ignacia and Scout Borromeo streets. The meeting starts from 8:30 pm. Apart from the discussions of its business, the Club shows off lots of magic the whole evening to entertain visitors.

A magic enthusiast can drop by our meeting as observer if he or she is not yet decided on joining the Club. Guest fee is only P50, and this comes with one FREE drink.



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