As I said during the awarding ceremonies, the performances are half of the story of a magical program. The other half unfolds behind the curtains away from the eyes of the audience.

Let me take the opportunity to commend those who worked unseen backstage for a job well done. To the curtain boys, sound technician, stage managers, stagehands, technical crew, lights and cameraman, official timer— you all made IMC proud.

Thanks also to Atty. Tagle who, for weeks, brainstormed with the members of the Committee on Competition, drew up a strong show plan and concept, and took care of the hundreds of details of running the program. Committee members Prof. Al Leonidas, Roger Olivares, Donald Wong and Alex Lagula all discharged their duties outstandingly before and after the competition. Top hat’s off to you guys!

My sincerest thanks also go to the ever avid supporter of IMC activities (in fact of any magical activity) George Mamonluk. He went to great lengths to publicize the event, lending us the giant timer and pitching up his two handsome spider backdrops.

Of course, no litany of expressions of gratitude would be complete without mentioning the technical wherewithal of our Chairman Emeritus Boy Alviz who lugged in as early as 5PM another Spider backdrop, video camera, spotlight, tables and two sets of DVD players.


Chairman Emiritus Boy Alviz calibrates the video camera with the cameraman.


Not least important to mention is Chairman Cris Castro’s sound system which gave the entire program the needed “ump”.

As usual, Alex Lagula did an excellent emceeing job. But he has to watch for Don Roger Olivares, his co-host last night. The way Don Roger exchanged repartees with Alex, I have this sneaking suspicion Don Roger had been training in some secret emceeing camp.

Thanks also to Arnel and his singing group for providing entertainment during the intermission number. To Kate our “round girl” for adding aesthetic touch to the program. And to Gasbog, arguably the country’s best mime, for a world-class performance.

To our friends from Magfi, The Story Circle Philippines, and the rest of the magic community, thanks a million to you guys!