Okay, IMC may be the country’s elite group of magicians. Still, its members are only human. Proud and maybe egotistic at one time, humble and considerate at another.

On occasions when our egos are bloated, we need some kind words to bring us back to the ground.

Such was the fortuitous event that a simple message from a fan of magic brought about.

The writer is Spyl, a tall, pretty young lady who loves magic but not a practitioner of it. She is by definition a lay person.

She went to watch the IMC Open Magic Competition at Pepeton’s last night. The following day she sent a text message to Alex Lagula, IMC Vice President, who emceed the program that night.

With Spyl’s permission, we are publishing her message here. You guessed it. We cherish glowing words such as these and like to share them with other lovers of magic.

“Kuya Alex, sorry for the super late text, but I want to congratulate IMC and the officers for the sooper bongga competition. Grabe, iba po ang fun na na-experience ko that night, and of course gwapo po at charismatic ang mga host. Thank you for the magical night, Kuya Alex. You and the rest of the gang never cease [to make] me smile. See you soon! Take care! I love you po! Mwah!”

Thanks Spyl for making our day!

Stay magical,