David came to the meeting last night prepared for his lecture on the Business of Magic.

He opened his talk by regaling the audience with his newly learned Tagalog. The way the audience lapped up his delivery of the Pinoy’s language, I suspect David will soon add Tagalog to his growing list of languages spoken as a multi-linguist.

David delivers a well-prepared lecture

In his lecture, he covered a lot of grounds. He gave tips on the use of traditional, offline marketing and then went on to discuss the merits of online prospecting. He also touched on relationship marketing and the need to build a referral system.

His first tip was, of course, the most thought provoking. He counseled everyone to have a great show. He reasoned that a magician without an entertaining show will find marketing it a difficult job to do.

Later that evening, David did moonwalk dancing with the certified Dancing Magician Randee Ordonez and Vice President Alex Lagula.

David shows off his moonwalking moves with Dancing Magician Randee Ordonez (center) and VP Alex Lagula (left).


Thanks, David, for an educational and entertaining night!