That’s right, folks. Magic ‘To, the best locally produced theatrical magic is coming back. This time with even more creative concept, innovative staging and more amazing magic.

We already booked Philamlife Theater for a September 8, 2007 staging. Titled Magic ‘To (The Next Level), the show will come to life under the direction of the same creative team and cast that breathed life to Magic ‘To.

Also under negotiation is the special participation in the upcoming show of Japanese superstar Fukai and a couple of Asia’s top magicians. They will showcase their signature acts that have wowed audiences around the world.

By the way, to those who missed the live performance of Magic ‘To, a full-length DVD of the show is now available from IMC. Just drop us a line if you want to buy a copy. We still have less than a dozen copies left.


The poster that created a stir
The poster that created the stir…

Come back to this blog often for more updates on Magic ‘To (The Next Level).


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