Mark the calendar. IMC’s “open” magic competition will be on March 21, 2007 at 8 PM at Pepeton’s Bar and Restaurant. If you don’t know the place, here’s the address: Corner Mother Ignacia and Scout Borromeo streets, Quezon City.

Bring your friends, relatives and loved ones for an evening of magic. Entrance fee for guests is only P150. That comes with one FREE drink.

Though the contest is categorized “open”, only IMC members will compete. The competition is “open” in the sense that contestants can enter their contest pieces under any category except illusion.

Thus contestants may perform close-up magic like this:

Or he may perform stage magic like this:

Or he may perform anything in between—mentalism, bizarre, comedy, drama, silent act, talking act, etc.

The wide range of choices of performance categories will ensure that lay audiences, for whom the contest is intended to, will appreciate more the entire program and not just enjoy choice pieces of it.

The judges will surely have a hard time judging under this arrangement, but the consolation is that they will have an unforgettable experience as the rest of the audience.

The show will start 8 PM sharp. So come early or you’ll miss some enjoyable performances.


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