Ron Mariano Provides The Answer


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 photo answer_zps8cbcaf8b.pngMy friend Ron Mariano (also known as Ron Salamangkero in the world of magic creators) must be a genius.

Oh, he’s many things besides being brilliant. He is also a suave magic performer blessed with digital dexterity that allows him to perform eye-popping card manipulations.

Lately he has distinguished himself by creating The Answer, a piece-by-piece restoration of a signed playing card. It is now distributed worldwide by WorldMagicShop.

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What Magicalifragilistrix is Not…

magicalifrafilistrixposter2I hope it’s not too late to correct some people’s misconception about Magicalifragilistrix, Inner Magic Club’s 18th anniversary show in Meralco Theater on October 15.

Magicalifragilistrix is not a magic competition. We have done loads of magic competitions in the past, we thought we would do this year something more challenging, artistic and production-wise.

Magicalifragilistrix is not a birthday party magic show brought to a theater and pass for a theatrical show. We had this epiphany, a eureka moment, that made us realize an important but overlooked point: why hire an expensive theater to mount a stage show if the only tricks to perform are tricks we do at birthday parties?

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Update on Magicalifragilistrix


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 photo poster.jpgAlex Lagula, Cris Castro, Kent Estrada and I had a productive meeting yesterday with Ed de Guzman of the Meralco Theater.

We did an ocular familiarization of the prestigious theater, and it is what everybody says it is—and more.

It is huge. Everything is huge—the stage, the wings, the back stage, the dressing rooms, the orchestra pit, the vaulted ceiling, and the audience section.

We visited the theater to coordinate our technical requirements with the stage management and technical people. We need the usual and peculiar support from them, which include lights, sounds, curtains (we need lots of curtains, this is a magic show, remember?). We also made sure the stage could hold up to the weights of the stuff we are going to produce.

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A Reader Asks: Are Professional Magicians Atheists?


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 photo 6dd979b4-9e98-4d9c-97fd-20e8c65194e6.jpgDear Leodini,

May I ask you an impertinent question? Are professional magicians atheists?

I have talked to many magicians, friends and acquaintances alike. I noticed they were all skeptical of miracles and unexplained phenomena.

During their shows, they talk about psychic abilities, teleportations, apparitions, vanishes, and a host of mysteries, but in real life they doubt their existence. To them, miracles and inexplicable occurrences can be explained by secret methods and trickery.

Why the wholesale skepticism about things science has no definitive answers yet?

Yours truly,

Mr. Curious


Hi Mr. Curious,

Your impertinent question deserves an impertinent answer.

Rejecting the concept and existence of a deity is not a requirement for pursuing a magic profession. Trust me, there are lots of abilities required of a performer to become good at magic, but atheism is not one of them.

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An Important Announcement


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 photo 10455431_10152552228695856_6479272950783383781_n1_zps467d94de.jpgLet me break my self-imposed timeout from writing on this blog.

I’ll set aside my busyness to make an important announcement: On October 15 at 7PM in Meralco theater, Inner Magic Club will stage its anniversary show—a full evening of magic and illusions.

It will be a grand show befitting the celebrated status of IMC as the elite group of magicians in the Philippines. We envision the program to be a prestige show staged at a prestigious venue.

If you are a lover of magic, prepare to be amazed and experience the awesomeness of this show. It will be unlike any other shows we have staged before, not close in concept even in the equally prestigious Cultural Center of the Philippines where we mounted our first public show way back in 1986.

Here’s a promise: in this year’s anniversary show, IMC will show case magic and illusions that you have not seen live before—at birthday parties, corporate shows and other events. We want this to be different and unique both in concept and presentation.

How different?

Stay tuned. I will tease your sense of anticipation by dishing out, in trickles, bits of information in the weeks ahead. Just expect the show to be a tongue twister, a mind bender and a jaw dropper.

Stay magical,


Laugh Trick…An Evening Trip Down the Laugh Lane


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Laugh Trick photo laughtrickposter_zps582b532f.jpgIf you have nothing to do on the evening of June 27 at around 9PM, head over to Mental Assassin’s Wizard’s Den in Sumulong Highway (see poster for the complete address).

If you have something to do on that evening, just the same, go to Mental Assassin’s Wizard’s Den.

Drop everything on your schedule and watch Laugh Trick, the first ever magic show in the country dedicated mainly to comedy magic.

It features the country’s top comedy magicians with contrasting styles of making audiences laugh—the man-on-the-street wizardry of Anthony Andres, madcap magic of Jeff Tam and the sophisticated, lovable magic of Leodini.

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Parrot Magicians

 photo eec289b7-c8dd-452e-8b56-1778dd9bbf67_zps5ae0e0d6.jpgHello Sir Leodini,

I visit regularly online magic forums to research ideas and to learn from experts. I didn’t expect to see so many of them giving advice left and right. Often, they confuse me. One expert would recommend one thing and another would recommend another (sometimes opposite) thing.

How do I choose the best advice when the experts can’t seem to agree which each other?

Yours in magic,



Hi Puzzled,

First of all, remember that the hallmark of experts is that they rarely agree with each other. They don’t, therefore, give you the same expert advice even though they give them left, right and even center.

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A Reader Wants to Know if He Must Continue Spoon Feeding His Friends


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Hi sir Leo,

Can you write a blog entry about “spoon-feeding” members of a group? Well, I just noticed that some of my members are given to spoon-feeding. They know that I have a lot of magic tutorial videos. They lack the initiative to find ways to improve their abilities and skills, hmm… it’s just disappointing that they just want to borrow some of my videos for them to learn more and sell to other magicians they know.

Just hide my identity, sir, because I just want to know your point of view about this concern of mine.

I’m inclined to share magic knowledge with other enthusiasts, but I think some of them just want to be spoon fed and don’t go to great lengths to research, study and learn by themselves. They want someone else to do the spade work for them.

Your blog fan,
 (Name withheld upon request)

big mac photo: Big Mac bigmac.jpgHi,

Spoon feeding is a legitimate way to care for infants or toddlers.

However, persons who have become physically able when they reach a certain stage of maturity should be able to fend for themselves. If they insist on being spoon fed even when they can already gobble up Big Mac by themselves, then you ought to give them a whack on the head using a latex hammer to bring them to their senses.

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Leodini, Please Tell Me How to Organize a Group of Magicians?

huddle photo: Partnership Huddle partnerships.jpgDear Sir Leodini,

I’ve been a fan of your blog, and I just met Sir Ted Bravo last month when he had a show here in our place.

Basically, Sir, I need some advice on how to organize a group of magicians? 

I have a local group here in our place named “The Smile Factory”. We do have some members… I think we are around 15 members, but only 5 are active. Our group is more on close-up or corporate magic.

Well, Sir, can you give me some advice? 



Hi Ikjasper,

Thank you for your question. It is a serious question requiring a serious answer. Allow me to make a stab at it:

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Rabbit Flu


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rabbit in a hat photo: Rabbit in a hat bunnyinahat_215-1.gifDear Leodini,

With the outbreak of bird flu in Asia, what are the chances of my rabbit catching bird flu?

Scared Billy D’ Great

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